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The Miss Orange & Blue Charity Calendar 2015

Proceeds for the last calendar (2015) were distributed among each of the charities our models sponsored. To those who supported our 2015 calendar, thank you for your support. To those who are awaiting the next Miss Orange & Blue, please be patient with us as we turn our efforts toward the creation of the next incarnation of the calendar, in electronic format for 2017. The electronic version means that we will have no printing costs to cover, enabling 100% of all funds raised to go to charity as we move forward.

Previous Editions: The Miss Orange & Blue Charity Calendar 2013

The Miss Orange and Blue Charity Calendar 2013 was a trial run by comparison to the current endeavor. Nevertheless, with just a limited run of calendars, a makeshift web page and PayPal link, and some word of mouth, we managed to sell all the copies of the calendar that we printed, this despite Collegiate Licensing putting a choke-hold on the calendar's sales for much of the 2012 holiday season.

It was a modest beginning, and we knew we could do even better and raise more money. We took some time off to think about making the calendar that much better. We have researched reduced cost printing options to boost the share of the calendar price that can go to charity. We opened new recruiting avenues to reach more models. We doubled our staff of photographers, including new veterans and professionals. But doing better also means that we need you to get the word out and encourage others to buy, support, and promote the calendar.

To those who supported us on the 2013 calendar, thank you for your support. To those who are just finding out about Miss Orange & Blue, we hope you will buy and enjoy the upcoming calendar and help make Miss Orange & Blue even more of a success.