The Charity Calendar dedicated to the students, alumni, and fans of
the University that Thomas Jefferson Built


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not get the calendar collegiate licensed?

We are not an official publication of any university, despite more than half the staff's strong ties to one in particular. We are not against the idea of an officially Collegiate Licensed product, but we might have to endure an entire additional year of getting the product approved, let alone giving that much less money to the charities. If a veteran of the process wants to endure the necessary time and form-completion on behalf of the calendar to gain us official status the next time we publish, we are open to the offer.

Then why even bother with the theme?

Three of our six staff members attended the University of Virginia, and a fourth covered the university's athletics professionally for a number of years. This all started because we had some good-looking fans, and we figured we could make something good happen because of it.

Are you going to go electronic?

We're on hiatus for 2016, working on it.

Are the models all U.Va. students?

Some are; some are not. Most of the participating models have friends or relatives who attend or have attended the university, even if they do not have a direct connection. Some models just wanted to support the idea of the calendar and the charities it helps.

Why are some models wearing almost nothing while others are formally dressed?

We present a variety of models in a variety of attire. We are willing to work with what constraints the models are comfortable with. A swimsuit makes perfectly good sense on a beach or at a swimming pool. It makes far less sense on historic grounds and settings. We never have a problem with models who want to dress or look sexy for the calendar. We draw the line on nudity, however, because we would lose more customers than we would gain if it was that kind of calendar. Besides, we prefer to leave a little more to the viewer's imagination.

Isn't a calendar like this sexist?

We disagree. We treat all our models with respect, dignity, and all common courtesies. We believe there is room in this world to admire the beauty of human beings, as well as their accomplishments in other pursuits and respects. It may be a little harder to appreciate the intelligence and communication skills of our models from a photograph, but that doesn't mean they don't have additional talents. They at least volunteered their time to help their chosen charities, so they have compassion.

Then why not just fundraise for charities?

That's what we're doing. We're just going about it in a way that is more fun than bugging people on a street corner or door-to-door.

So where's the Mr. Orange & Blue Charity Calendar?

We hear this more often than you think. We are not responsible for making a Mr. Orange & Blue Charity Calendar, but something similar has been done before by The Virginia Men's Rowing team.

So how do we know the money goes to charity?

We can verify that our charitable donations add up to more than the net proceeds the calendar raises (because we always round up the contributions slightly, out of our own pockets.) Furthermore, we retain records of the calendar's expenses, disbursements, and thank-you letters and/or acknowledgements from charities. Charities receive their checks within 30 days of the sale of the last copy of the calendar, or before March 1 of the calendar year covered by the calendar if not all calendars sell.

Is there a 2016 calendar?

No; we are taking a break and working on a method for an electronic version in 2017.